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Our rebellious post-fetish response to the classic Corsetry cut schooling and manufacturing Culture. 

A reedited classic underbust corset that provokes attention. We worked over 3 years on this project. The results? A stunning corset, never seen or done in this way before.


AQUA is crafted from high quality industry translucent blue PVC (polyvinylchloride PVC) and Butyl RUBBER from Upcycled truck air, merging traditional sewing techniques with contemporary designs.


Giving perfect support and waist reduction to any size or shape due the particulary construction and craftsmanship we used. 


Aqua is fully adjustable on the back, with front opening zipper for more comfort. It is 8x high quality steel  boned and full suitable for tight-lacing and waist-training. 


Use the corset lacings for a custom fit.


220,00 €Price
  • 2 mm high quality industry PVC Made in Germany, transluzent

    butyl rubber 

    8x quality steel boned / visible

    polyesther lace

    burnished brass eyelets

    front zip



    turquoise blue / black

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